To "draw" various animals with a certain font was started to me few years ago. The font is Hermann Zapf's Zapfino it's alligraphyc appearance contains every advantage of a handwritten-ness that's why the bystander's first impression is a dynamic brush drawing instead of letters and when the viewer gets closer to than see the characters as the components of the animal. Every job starts with a summary interpretive drawing of the spectacle. Zapfino allows that convert my drawings into anatomically correct graphics.

My interest towards the special, unusual use of the letters to the experimental typography was started douring the secondary school. I made my first animals at this time without live view, and without prior research. In this regard, my expression can be unique. The animation is shown the motion of the cheetah in 115 frames. The space obtained by adding the calligraphic letters, pronounced unstressed alternation. The primary thing for me was to express and give back the character of the continuous movement of the animal and its character as much as I can.

If we think about it, the letters were simple visual signals and they evolved and been simplified over time, become more and more abstract initial version of themselves. Then the man systematized, adapted them to each other. All I'm doing is nothing more than separate the letters from it's meanings and I reuse them as a new abstract visual elements, with new meanings in new contexts.

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